Stories of success

We’ve made room for Lithuanian candles in our online shop of DekoMare®

Start 2021: Filling in the CoCo profile 

Consultation: Close dialogues were conducted by Vivien Wiens and Manuela Balan on international opportunities seeking producers and suppliers – numerous countries are of interest

Intentions: White label procurement for high quality products which are not yet available on the German market

On the look out for: The CoCo team promotes each country individually by holding country specials via online events and generates new participants for Connected Companies via contact persons from Lithuania - "Flamera". 

Contacts are mediated, initial contact is made through an e-mail exchange between Vivien Wiens and Audrius Žukauskas.  Product selection and reciprocal legwork followed. Next step: Is to assign the product label from DekoMare. Objective: first order of initially a selection of 4-5 colours

Riga Balzams is on its way to Getränkeland Heidebrecht

April 2020: Filling out the CoCo profile.

Consultation: Close dialogues were held by Axel Heidebrecht (Managing Director Getränkeland Heidebrecht GmbH & Co. KG) and Manuela Balan (Project Manager Connected Companies) about previous international activities and interests

Baltic States are strongly considered to be an interesting target area. 

Intentions: Deliveries from Germany to the Baltic States and from the Baltic States to Germany 

On the look out for: The CoCo team looked for suitable partners and struck luck in Riga. First meeting between Oleg Bambulyak (business consultant in Riga) and Axel Heidebrecht. They followed up with some market research and reciprocal legwork, as well as several video conferences to expand on mutual understanding. Oleg proposed to send a trial shipment of a wide range of drinks. Mr. Heidebrecht arranged to take part in a business trip to Riga, intending to bring some of his favourite samples back to Germany and test them out here. Although the trip to Riga had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, Mr Heidebrecht had already set his sights on a favourite which he intends to include in his range and test it on his customers: Riga Black Balm. Riga Black Balzam = is a bittersweet liqueur made of herbs, flowers, oils and berries.


Development Cooperation in the waste managment sector


The social transformation to a circular economy is the reason and starting point for the initiation of an international development cooperation between companies and research institutions. Cocorec GmbH (Germany) and Yilkins B.V. (Netherlands), two companies active in waste managment, are jointly looking for new solutions to make material use of residual  mixtures from composting and the recycling of biogenic materials from the food industry. Together with the project participant IBZ Innovations- und Bildungszentrum Hohen Luckow e.V., they first identified and developed first potential processes and technologies.


The aim is to carry out transnational research and development project in which companies from waste managment and research institutions as well as technology providers and plant manufacturers are to participate. The next step is to look for additional partners in other countries.

Special swimwear from the Netherlands soon in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

A business founder from MV and a young entrepreneur from Deventer are working together on the goal of selling high-quality swimwear products from the Netherlands on the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Baltic Sea coast. The project Connected Companies has created the starting point for this and will continue to accompany the


With the founding of a German-Russian company off course

The link between the regional company Baltic Consulting GmbH and the Russian company Novinvent-West Ltd from Veliky Novgorod was initially based on the skills available in both companies regarding the preparation and sale of wild fruits and wild fruit products. Many conversations and considerations led to the result: no profitable business model. Nevertheless, the very good personal contacts between those involved and the close support of the Connected Companies project led to common considerations in other production areas in the food sector. Since the beginning of 2020 there have been regular deliveries from Russia that serve German-speaking customers in both the business and consumer sectors.


The next step is to set up a joint venture as a German company. Despite - or perhaps because of - the initial hurdles, which were overcome with each other, a stable business relationship could be established from the small beginnings within a short time.