Stories of success

Special swimwear from the Netherlands soon in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

A business founder from MV and a young entrepreneur from Deventer are working together on the goal of selling high-quality swimwear products from the Netherlands on the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Baltic Sea coast. The project Connected Companies has created the starting point for this and will continue to accompany the


With the founding of a German-Russian company off course

The link between the regional company Baltic Consulting GmbH and the Russian company Novinvent-West Ltd from Veliky Novgorod was initially based on the skills available in both companies regarding the preparation and sale of wild fruits and wild fruit products. Many conversations and considerations led to the result: no profitable business model. Nevertheless, the very good personal contacts between those involved and the close support of the Connected Companies project led to common considerations in other production areas in the food sector. Since the beginning of 2020 there have been regular deliveries from Russia that serve German-speaking customers in both the business and consumer sectors.


The next step is to set up a joint venture as a German company. Despite - or perhaps because of - the initial hurdles, which were overcome with each other, a stable business relationship could be established from the small beginnings within a short time.