News & dates

Unfortunately, the activities cannot currently take place as planned.

We will inform you in time. 

Planned Business Trips in 2021 (as soon as travel is possible again)

- August: trip to Riga on the occasion of the International Hanseatic Days

- September: trip to the partner association in Deventer (NL) “Export Festival Deventer”

- November: trip to Malmö and Copenhagen together with entrepreneurs from The Netherlands

Events in 2021

- Country Specials: „Doing business in …” – inside information for SMEs

(online event in English)


Sweden:        February 24th, 2021 – 3.30 pm till 4.30 pm

Ukraine:        March 24th, 2021 – 3.00 pm till 4.30 pm


Business representatives and experts in the region will inform you about economic structures and opportunities for cooperation. 


- 4th Russia Day in MV on June 2nd, 2021

- “Market of the Hanseatic League” in connection with the “Night of the Hanseatic League” on June 4th and 5th, 2021

Business English – Language training for entrepreneurs (both groups are fully booked)


Presenting a company globally? Acquiring customers abroad? Organizing a meeting with international participants via mail? Getting information from colleagues who are at locations abroad? Without fluent English, it’s hard to survive in business today. Fluent English plays an important role in managerial positions: in contract negotiations with international business partners or in small talk while dining. Cutting a good figure here can sometimes be the difference between a company’s success and failure. 


We are happy that our members are interested in the language training offered and were able to start on January 6th. The trainings for the two fixed groups will take place online every Wednesday until the end of June. As soon as possible, we will start with face-to-face sessions at the ITC in Bentwisch. 


Group 1: 11.00 am till 12.30 pm

Group 2: 3.00 pm till 4.30 pm

Review of past events



January 27th, 2021

When looking for new business partners or sales markets, it is worth looking at the Baltic countries. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are modern economic partners within the EU to be taken very seriously. In our company survey at the start of the project “Connected Companies”, the Baltic economic region was named as a main emphasis. 


The country special “Doing Business in Latvia” was a good first opportunity for interested parties to get to know the economic development, opportunities for cooperation and economic characteristics of the country. 


Competent business representatives were ideal interlocutors:

Filips Talbergs, Head of Export Promotion Division, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
Gatis Ginters, Head of Business development, Liepaja Special Economic Zone
Helmuts Salnajs, Economic Counseler in Germany (Berlin)
Egita Aizsilniece-Ibema, Head of Representative Office in the Netherlands

After a general overview of the economic landscape of Latvia, special features of the region around the port city of Liepaja were presented. This country special was a prelude to future collaborations with Latvian companies and joint b2b events. With a small business delegation, we are planning to take part in the business section of this year’s Hanseatic Days in Riga from August 18th till August 21st. Interested entrepreneurs should register as soon as possible.

Nationwide online seminar „Successful Trade Fairs”


November 11th, 2020

Organized by the State Chancellery MV in cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts Ostmecklenburg-Vorpommern. Lecturer: Torsten Fincke from LICLATO


Now is the perfect time to prepare for future trade fair appearances. When it comes to a trade fair participation often small things make the difference between top and flop. The experienced trade fair coach Torsten Fincke gave a compact overview of the important elements for a successful trade fair participation. Using many practical examples, he explained small tricks which can be used to achieve good effects, but also which mistakes should be avoided. 


Thank you for the interesting seminar. 

Late summer party of the employers’ association in Klockenhagen


September 9th, 2020

The late summer party of the employers’ association was an event at which many members of the association could finally meet after a long time. The Connected Companies team used this opportunity to present the content and first results of the project, with the aim of attracting further interested parties.


Equipped with information cards and newly created rollups, we have set up a small information booth. A special highlight was of course the new founding of NATURA ALTAICA GmbH, which emerged as part of our project and which presented its new logo, but above all its products.

Entry into the russian business

Online Seminar


September 3rd, 2020

In our online seminar you were receive valuable information on the peculiarities and circumstances of the economy of the Russian Federation d practical advices for a successful business initiation.

For this event we were able to won the two speaker Professor Dr. Kostin (St. Petersburg) and Falk Tischendorf (Moscow), who are well-known experts on the Russian economy and who have many years of practical experiences.

Professor Dr. Konstantin Kostin currently holds a full professorship at the Saint Petersburg State Economic University. Furthermore, he is visiting professor at various universities in the USA, Germany, and Finland. He was also an expert at the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg (SPIEF) and commissioned to prepare the summary according to the SPIEF in the years 2016-2019. Prof. Kostin has extensive professional experiences in the financial and economic sectors, especially in managing large investment projects. He is member of the editorial board of the AIMS International Journal of Management and the Journal of Strategic Management. Also, he is member of the AIMS Association. He ist the author and co-author of 174 scientific publications, including 6 textbooks and 14 monographs.

Falk Tischendorf is a lawyer and managing partner of BEITEN BURKHARDT’s Moscow office. He has been advising companies from various industries on investments in Russia and the CIS since 2002. His focus lies on supporting medium-sized and family businesses. He specializes in international corporate and commercial law, real estate law and structuring investments as well as public procurement law. His industry focus is on plant and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and medical technology as well as agriculture and agricultural technology. His focus is on advice and support for production locations in Russia. The lawyer from Schwerin has been the official representative of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Russia since 2016.

In addition to valuable information for beginners in the Russian business, the seminar also offered all participants the opportunity to briefly introduce their own company and, after the presentations, to direct specific questions to the two speaker. The event were be hold bilingual in German and English. At the end, all participants were given access to the speaker’s presentations. Entrepreneurs from our friend association from Deventer (Netherlands) also took part in this seminar.

Markt der hanseaten


June 5th, 2020

We believe that getting to know each other personally is the best base for building mutual trust. Personal contacts are the foundation for emerging ideas and joint projects. Such a base or platform should be realized through travel and meetings and grown partnerships of the business association should be used for this. 

Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow such events. We decided not to postpone the first Hanseatic Market, but to make it a very special event. Instead of setting up a real marketplace at the Technology Center in Warnemünde and holding a matchmaking event with 40-50 participants from four different countries, we have now launched a bilateral kick-off event with our partner association in the Netherlands. So, on June 5th we organized such an online meeting between companies from the Rostock region and the Dutch Deventer. As with a real marketplace, all participants had the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves and their products and to define their interest in a cooperation partner more precisely. After a break, the previously selected partners met in separate chat rooms. Here, too, there were very lively discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Even if this first Hanseatic Market was a “makeshift variant” to some extent, the success shows that the idea works: First, simply bring companies together in a targeted manner and then look together to see what can result. With 19 participants from Deventer and 14 from our region, we were pleased to have a good participation. Afterwards there were further inquiries and new profiles filled out.

All participants now hope that the second Hanseatic Market can take place in real life.

Kick-off event in Laage


January 23rd, 2020

Encourage, exchange experiences, support, provide information and above all create opportunities for meeting potential business partners - this is what the wish list of the companies involved looks like. These wishes and also the evaluation of the survey carried out at the end of the year were the most important topics of conversation at this kick-off event. 

This is the basis for the precise design of the project work. Other companies interested in this topic are welcome. Workshops, network events, business trips, trade fair training and maybe also joint language courses are prepared. Manuela Balan will be happy to inform you! (

It is also an important concern of the project group to establish a network with other institutions and activities and thereby develop synergy effects. For example, the “Made in MV” project from Wismar University of Applied Sciences was presented, as were the possibilities of the enterprise europe network.

The event was hosted by ZF Airbag Germany GmbH in Laage. Many thanks to managing director Stephan Gappa for the interesting company presentation and the factory tour.

Entrepreneurs from Rostock and Deventer want to cooperate

Business trip to Deventer in the Netherlands


September 26th & 27th, 2019

On September 26 and 27, 2019, a group of 16 entrepreneurs led by UV Vice President Dr. Stefan Thiel and the managing director Ulf Mauderer on the way to the Netherlands. This was the first time that we accepted an invitation from our colleagues from the Entrepreneurs Association in the city of Deventer in the Netherlands.

We already concluded a cooperation agreement with the MKB Deventer association in 2018 and representatives of this association were guests at the Entrepreneurs Day in Rostock in April this year. So now the first return visit. The trip was linked to the clear goal of exploring the possibilities for cooperation with the local companies. The Deventer region in the Netherlands is comparable to our region; Located directly on the IJssel, it can look back on a long trading history. Using this tradition, the entrepreneurs of the region could get to know each other at the evening reception in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and sound out first similarities. Bridging cultural differences is an important prerequisite for long-term cooperation. The deep understanding of the Dutch mentality gained in the process, based on the motto: "easy to handle - tough", continued throughout the trip. We have learned a lot about the partner region, about the people who are Dutch but also call themselves Dutch abroad and about entrepreneurs for whom, as they say, no tie is necessary to conclude a contract.

The most important event of the trip was the perfectly organized matchmaking lunch in the old gas factory, today a center for innovative companies. Each of our participants was assigned a table that 4 to 5 interested parties visited in turn. The talks were about briefly introducing yourself, your business model and the cooperation concerns. These were very intensive and interesting discussions.

From these conversations, which were initially rather informal in character, further approaches have already emerged for a few companies. Specifically, this means, for example: Cocorec GmbH - a waste management company from central Mecklenburg - has with the company VConsyst B.V. found a potential partner to jointly solve a part of the logistical challenges. In the area of industrial take-back systems, good solutions to classic issues such as route optimization, vehicle utilization, container classifications or traceability are crucial for economic success. Joint solutions are now to be worked out in this area with the Dutch partner. The new founder of Bad Doberan "SIEGL - homestories" has found a good contact partner through the business representatives. In the medium term, she is thinking of launching her own design series for home accessories. With LinenMe, a company could be developed that can support the development ideas in the production of high-quality fabrics.

As a further “souvenir” from the trip and the discussions we had, we have twelve specific cooperation requests from Dutch partners in our luggage. These range from IT solutions and commercial transactions to inquiries about production orders. We are currently working on these in a structured manner and will make them available to the members of the business association.

Entrepreneurs inquire about the possibilities of the Russian market


June 27th till June 30th , 2019

A particular concern of the project work is the establishment of new business contacts in Russia. A business meeting in the Russian PSKOV on the occasion of the international Hanseatic Days was a good opportunity.

Based on the traditions of the medieval Hanseatic League, the “International Hanseatic Days” are held every year in one of the 195 Hanseatic cities of the modern city association “Die Hanse”. After Rostock had the honor of hosting the traditional Hanseatic Day in 2018, in 2019 the members of the new Hanseatic League met in the Russian city of Pskov for the 39th International Hanseatic Days. The Rostock business association was also represented with a small delegation of representatives and members of the Rostock and Schwerin associations. The aim of the trip was to establish contacts with Russian companies and to prepare business connections.

The central event of the trip was the business congress taking place as part of the International Hanseatic Days with over 500 participants from the European Hanseatic cities. The launch, in which the governor of the Pskov region, representatives of the Russian government and the head of the Rossotrudnicestvo agency, as well as the Federal Government Commissioner for Russia, took part, highlighted the great interest of business in improving relations between Russia and Europe. In addition, the general chances and possibilities of the economic development of the Hanseatic League and in particular the initiation of business with Russian companies were discussed intensively.

In smaller discussions, concrete bilateral meetings between companies could then take place. Thanks to the good preparatory work by the Rostock-Mittleres-Mecklenburg e.V., which has long-standing relationships with comparable institutions in the other regions, the participants of the trip were able to talk to other companies in a targeted manner. The companies exchanged information about specific product and service requirements and created the basis for deepening these discussions at future meetings. Most of the discussions took place with Russian companies. Due to the international orientation of the conference, further approaches to entrepreneurs from other regions of the Baltic Sea region could be found.

There were also opportunities to initiate business for companies that could not take part in the trip themselves. The Rostock delegation had specific orders from two companies that stayed at home, which they reliably passed on to potential partners. On the journey home, the small tour group still took the opportunity to look for possible contacts in St. Petersburg.

The warm welcome to the rector of the State Financial University also testified to the great interest shown by the Russian partners in good and concrete contacts in East Germany. There is already a cooperation agreement with the Rostock University - now it is important to explore what other options for an exchange, e.g. of interns in German companies could be useful.